cicPhotography Has Been A Great Journey For Me.
After joining my high school yearbook team in 1998 when I was a Junior, I was asked if I could take on the task of taking school event and student photos. Before I graduated high school to start college I had found something that had sparked my interest and I was eager to learn more. At a time when Netscape was the primary browser before and going online in general was the key source of public information. I read all the school library books on photography then ventured to the local public library and found they had video documentaries of great photographers I could check out.

Focused On College
During 2001 after high school, pursuing an income and focusing on college were my primary goal. After heavy campaigning by the Army and news that summer due to September 11, I weighed my pros and cons and decided to joined the Army Reserve knowing that I would be able to secure both an income and tuition for college along with so much more. Using my first digital camera my cousin gave to me for my birthday I know had an opportunity to photograph things ” that I was allowed to shoot” that my military buddies and I could share.

Countless Hours
After the Army and going to college, photography is still my hobby and creative outlet. With countless hours of study, Seminars, and hands on projects I was never board. While looking for work, I was quickly able to use my skills to land photography contracts and maintain. I am very humbled to have over the years been able to maintain as more and more people have gained interest in my skill.

Presently I am delighted to still be on my journey doing photography.